The Middle East has been up in flames for quite a while and tourism has expectedly dropped for most of the region. Not only has tourism dropped, but people are scared to even travel to the region. However, some countries in the region still maintain a tight grip on security and offer the best the entire region has to offer. Here are 2mycountry’s recommended holiday destinations for the Middle East:


This lonely Island is subject to around two million visitors every year. Maintaining remnants from Greek and Roman times, beautiful beaches, stable charming weather for the entire year, and a unique hiking experience, Cyprus earns every single one of its visitors. Anyone looking for some fantastic time out on the beach and all those looking for some adventure should book tickets to Cyprus immediately.


With its magnificent coastline, staggering cliffs, and empty desert landscape, Oman has finally begun attracting the attention it has deserved for a long time. Tourists are rushing in for a chance to see the fabled nesting of more than a thousand green sea turtles along the coastline. It’s the perfect destination for all marine enthusiasts.

Taking boat trips along with the Khor Ash-Sham for the chance to see some dolphins up close is a chance not to be missed. Oman is without a doubt the hidden gem in the Middle East, and with its stable security, it is easily a magnificent place to visit this year.


With its promise of hosting a literally burning hot Fifa World Cup in 2022, Qatar has quickly come to the attention of many. Providing the best possible mixture of cosmopolitan life intermixed with the best of Middle Eastern Culture, Qatar’s capital Doha is the best place to get a good dose of the Middle East. With jet-skiing and kite surfing the norm, tourists can also partake in the traditional sport of camel racing.


Without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations ever, Egypt’s tourism has seen a resurgence after the recent revolution. With the improvement in security and a focus on infrastructure, Egypt has quickly reestablished its prestige in the world of tourism. Now you can enjoy all of Egypt’s Middle Eastern glory and the pyramids without having to stand in huge crowds. It is probably the best time to bask in all of its glory.


Dubai warrants no introduction. Hosting the tallest building in the world, along with a cosmopolitan stretch right in the middle of the desert, Dubai is the perfect place for someone looking for a great time. With its unique blend of huge malls and traditional bazaars, Dubai is the dream destination for any shopping enthusiast.

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