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About Us

Search, Compare and Book Cheap Flights and Save Big

One of the today’s most important industries is air travel, and this is something we have dedicated ourselves to improving. For many, we know the process of travelling worldwide can be difficult and confusing, so we sought to remedy this. We wanted to establish a trustful and helpful company that would allow us to ease the many difficulties there can be when booking flights.

H&S first came to be in 2004 in Jersey City (N.J) by one of the founders having over twelve expert years of experience in the Travel and Airline industry. Since then we are proud to have grown as a team of dedicated and hardworking men and women.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have been a part of loyal customers travels for 13 years now, and are proud partners with over 200 airlines throughout the globe. There are few things we enjoy more than being able to send people to their destinations in comfort, class, and ease. We have worked for over a decade to offer clients and customers more than a million discounted domestic and international flights, and although we find seats of a wide variety, we like to consider ourselves specialists in business class and last minute tickets.

Something else we realised when building our team was that too many people today need their tickets almost instantly, and doing so without help can lead to mistakes. We knew we could design a business that took the difficulty out of both booking and flying, and so we set about building 2mycountry.

We took this promise to help others, and we turned it into a set of values that guide our entire team today.

Using those values we have come to serve millions of customers globally, and provide them with the absolute best of care. We solidified 65 consolidator contracts with airlines, letting us give customers the best possible discounted rates for Coach, Business and First Class.

Through our tried and true methods, we provide customers with instantaneous bookings and email confirmations. We are able to find what they need so quickly because of our incomparable system that searches over 450 databases to find the very best published or private fares.

Not only can we prepare your flight for you, but our online website also has a wide variety of tools to help make your travels the best they can possibly be. From insurance to details about passports, to hotels and currencies, all the way to the weather, we can provide you with the means to travel smoothly and safely!

We are grateful to be a part of so many loyal customers travels, and we cannot wait to help you!

A warmhearted thanks,
The 2mycountry and H&S team

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