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First Business Class Flight Deals

Discounted Business Class Fares

Starting prices for airfare plus airport taxes. Prices subject to change.

Within the Continental U.S., Canada, and Alaska $1199
Continental U.S., Canada, and Alaska to Africa $4999 $3999
Continental U.S., Canada, and Alaska to Asia $3999 $3199
Continental U.S., Canada, and Alaska to Australia $4999 $3999
Continental U.S., Canada, and Alaska to Europe $3799 $2999
Continental U.S., Canada, and Alaska to Hawaii and Caribbean $1899
Continental U.S., Canada, and Alaska to South America $3799 $299

The travelling habits of a person could be called as the reflection of his/her stature. People of high standards and elite class do prefer nothing less than first class plane tickets as they believe in buying comfort and luxury to suit their travelling conducts. To let your elevated class behavior remain intact, we at 2mycountry provide great business class flight deals to make your travelling experience worth it. Every individual wants to buy comfort and luxury for themselves and their loved ones but a budget is a hindrance in many cases. But such would not happen now, as 2mycountry, your best travelling companion has a lot to bring relief to your budget while providing lavish travelling experiences.

No matter, what your preference may be, including round-trip, multiple stops, one way, round the world, etc. the deals are available to people of varied choices and preferences. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to our company services, and we aim at rendering the most heart-warming services to our clients. Making customers is not what we focus on, as our main aim is to keep our customers satisfied and attached to our services. Business class flight deals are available so that the travellers get the opportunity to take a round of the world and add big names to their travelling experiences.

Be it a corporate tour, or a personal one, our services are designed to suit any. Depending on your travelling requirements, you get to have the best of the deals through which you could make the most out of your money. We understand the value of your money, and so our services are designed to get the best travelling freaks. Now comfort is not far away as you will not have to pinch your pockets to buy luxury travel class for yourself. Discounted business class deals are available for people of all class, and this makes it affordable for the itinerants to exaggerate their to-do travel list.

While you belong to the first class travel seat, 2mycountry makes sure you reach to the same. The first class plane tickets price that we provide is comparatively lower than what you would get with the other travelling companies. Our proficient management services ensure you for the best assistance related to all the air, hotel, travel and other management facilities. Book your tickets today and enjoy the unparalleled travelling amenities provided by 2mycountry

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