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Corporate Travel

Corporate travel is something which is mandatory for any corporation to travel across the globe for their business development and management. Corporate travel much more than any other to explore their business in the world and to make it even better than the previous. There are numerous firms in which require excursions across distinct towns and states for business meetings and get together. To make your journey comfortable, safe and relishing folks are required to search and pick up the airlines which provide you all the leisure at one place.

Below are some factors which have to be noted down before planning corporate travelling:

  1. Booking a confirmed corporate flight tickets.
  2. Looking out for the hotels and rooms for its security and service while you are in the meeting and leaving your every baggage in the room.
  3. Checking the well-being of the hotel staff to serve good food for the clients you are planning to hike your business with.
  4. Check out the hotel rates before booking to save your money.
  5. Look for the corporate-friendly hotels which can provide you with the facilities like free Wi-Fi to make your corporate meeting more successful.
  6. Many airlines provide cheap corporate air tickets for you to fly overseas and explore the world of business. Corporate travelling can make people travel-phobic, some airlines offer you the best corporate travel package to avoid happen this, it may include an additional adventure excursion besides your destination or it may even include to take you on a tour apart from your business meetings. All these exciting add-ons will be in your travel budget.

At 2mycountry our target is to deliver you highest quality customer service beyond your expectations. We work round the clock to serve you with the most excellent travel ever. We step ahead to support you for your highest cost savings for all your corporate car, hotel and air bookings. The experts at 2mycontry are accessible for you to deliver any advice or help you need to book your corporate travel. We provide you with the broadest range of corporate airfares to ensure the cheapest available air ticket for you at the time of reservation.

We value your investment on your travel for business and attempt to cut off the additional charges on your journey. We understand that corporate travel is a convoluted part of your business development and success. Hence, we at 2mycountry makes it more relaxed and convenient process for you.

Keeping your satisfaction at priority, 2mycountry provides the best deals on corporate travel for all the corporate travelers. Travelling for corporate purposes is a frequent one, and comfort being the most important factor to keep you relaxed throughout the journey. We intend to provide the best travelling deals to our corporate customers so that they could travel in luxury at affordable prices. We provide you with the extensive selection of trip planner so that you could feel relaxed while planning a corporate visit to any destination around the globe.

Airline Discounts – Two for One

Many companies promise to save you money sometime in the future, but we can deliver savings right away. One immediate benefit we can offer your company is our “Two for One” program for Business Class fares on the following airlines:

Air France Swiss Air
Cathay Pacific Lufthansa
Japan Airlines LanChile / LanPeru
Alitalia Virgin Atlantic
Scandinavian British Airways
Air Lingus South African
Continental Delta
North West/KLM Air India
China Airlines Asian

In addition to up to 60% savings on international business and first-class tickets, we also can offer your company up to 35% off shuttle fares (Boston, New York, Wash. D.C.).and last-minute deals on the domestic flight within the USA.

2mycountry provides the most superlative travel planner service through which travelling to various destinations around the globe, for the business meeting, seminars, product launch events, and other related purpose become easier. You no more have to waste time thinking about the best mode of travelling, and we would do the needful to make you enjoy preeminent travelling services. While you are travelling frequently for corporate purposes, you will be offered the most luxurious flight deals at affordable prices so that the frequent travels don’t put heavy in your pocket. Ease and contentment are very important while you are taking long journeys to your work destination, and keeping this in mind we have designed our business travel service to meet all your preferences. The various services provided by H&S Travels & Tours include the following:

Corporate Services

Extended Office Hours Individually Assigned Agent(s)
“CORNERSTONE” Automated 24-Hour Quality Control Software Program Sabre’s “Virtually There”
Worldwide Negotiated Hotel Rates Discounted Car Rental Rates
International Rate Desk Worldwide 24-Hour Emergency Hotline Service
Travel Policy & Procedures Development and Maintenance Customized Management Reports and Itineraries
Tracking and Management of Unused Electronic Tickets Visa / Passport Assistance
Meeting and Convention Planning / Management Incentive Program Planning and Administration
Separate Leisure Travel Department

See for yourself how much you can save with our assistance!

Get to choose from the extensive range of discounted business class flights to various destinations of corporate importance. We are a bunch of deals through which you would get the required service of importance for your purposes. Be it booking inexpensive business class tickets or planning the trip, our services are specialized in providing a complete package to the corporate travelers. The user-friendly service accompanied by expertise is what we describe our services with. Take a chance and you would feel pleased about choosing us as you’re travelling guide.

Why Choose Us?

2mycountry is a travelling expert, and we specialise in making your journey turn marvellous with our amazing arrangement services. While you plan to travel to far-away lands for work or for any other purpose, take our services into consideration and we would make sure you land up smiling in bliss. Take the inexpensive business class deals to your corporate destination and get to have the more satisfactory travelling experience. Your money is of a lot of worth for us and we believe in providing value deals for all your travel related needs. Book your tickets on our website today and have a superfluity travelling feel.

Superior Customer Service – Fully Refundable/Changeable

2mycountry representative offers you incredible value without the stress and inconvenience of plodding through endless discounted airfare websites or spending hours waiting on hold. Because we understand how hectic and uncertain business travel can be, most of the discounted tickets we offer are also fully changeable and refundable.

Our talented and dedicated agents average over ten years of experience apiece; rest assured that you will reach a human voice when you call. We promise that all your requests will be handled quickly and professionally.

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