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Top 10 Tips for Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

Top 10 Tips for Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

Whenever we book a flight ticket we always wish we had some way or the other to avail a discount on the flight tickets and ensure that we book cheap flight tickets. Although there is no rocket science in booking cheap flight tickets there are certain tips that always prove beneficial when it comes to booking the best and most economical travel packageSo let’s read the top 10 for booking Cheap Flight Tickets  

Tip 1# Book your flight early but how early?

Planning is always better than burning a hole in your pocket by booking a last-minute flight. To avoid a situation like this booking a flight ticket in advance is the key to buy cheap flight tickets. Research shows that flight tickets mostly shoot up two weeks before the date of travel; therefore it is better to book flight tickets at least two weeks prior to the date of travel. Ideally, book a flight ticket before seven weeks from the date of travel is recommended. To be able to get cheap international flight tickets you must book at least 3 to 6 months in advance.

Tip 2# Keep an eye on airfares

When you are certain about your travel plans it is recommended that you keep a constant check on the airfare and compare prices. There are a number of websites where you can check and compare prices without having to go through websites of different airlines. This gives a sense as to where the airfares are headed and you can make a well-informed decision.

Tip 3# Flexibility is the key

You need to be flexible with your travel dates to be able to book cheap flight tickets. This is really beneficial when you are booking with a travel agent. Fluctuation in the airfares is very common and it shoots up towards the weekend or a holiday. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to be able to grab cheap flight tickets.

Tip 4# Check alternate airports

Looking for a cheaper getaway? Try searching for flights to or from alternate airports, smaller airports that may be only minutes away from larger, more well-known airports.

Tip 5# Shop around

 You must never go with the first airfare you see online, it is always better to look out for more options and see if you can find better deals. Get in touch with your travel agent to plan your travel.

Tip 6# Use your frequent flier miles

Frequent fliers so get an advantage of accumulating flier miles, if you are able to redeem your flyer miles you will be able to grab a good discount on your tickets. Most of the airlines allocate some seats exclusively for their frequent flier miles.

Tip 7# Discount deals and alerts

Travel providers often offer deal alerts, you must subscribe those to be able to grab a good meal or track discounts, enjoy promotional fares launched by airlines or their partners.

Tip 8# Follow the 24-hour rule

To ensure that you check the airfare after 25 hours of your booking. If the prices have gone down and you have booked a refundable ticket you can cancel your ticket and rebook at a lower fare. Ensure that there is no penalty charged for cancellation. If you see that you are able to save even after paying the cancellation fee you must go ahead and cancel the tickets.

Tip 9# Mix and match

Sometimes while booking your flight ticket if you notice that the fair price is higher for the round trip you must consider booking your return flight ticket from a relatively cheaper airline even if it is a different airline.

Tip10# Book connecting flights

You can save a good amount of money even while booking a connecting flight which depends on the route that you take.

All you need to ensure is that you need to keep some 3 to 4 hours of reserve time to ensure that you do not miss your connecting flight.

Keeping these tips in mind you can ensure that you get to book the best and cheap flight tickets.  

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