When it comes to booking you airline ticket there are so many offers available online that we tend to get tempted and the question arises in our mind whether to book our flight tickets on our own or should I book flight tickets through a travel agent. We have very strong and valid reasons as to why you need a travel agent to book the best flight tickets for you:

  1. You travel agent is the smart guy who can hold a seat just for you; say if you are not certain about your travel plans, you can ask your travel agent to hold a seat for you which is not the case while you are booking flight tickets on your own. When you book a flight ticket on your own you have no choice but to take it or leave travel agents to have access to the cheapest and best tickets because of their exclusive tie-ups with the airlines.
  2. Travel agents have access to the cheapest and best tickets because of their exclusive tie-ups with the airlines.
  3. The travel agents offer end to end services for its customers which mean you can, not just book your flight tickets but also be able to book a cab service from the airport to hotel and get you the finest hotel room in your travel destination – so basically he does your job and you need not worry about any of the value added services and offers and just enjoy your vacation.
  4. You can get a quick help from your travel agent if you need to avail a group discount, grab a vegetarian or non–vegetarian meal of your choice, you require wheelchair assistance if you are looking for a window or an aisle seat, etc.
  5. Travel agents do not just wind up their jobs after they have sold flight tickets to you, they are very much available from the time of booking the ticket to till you reach back home happily to ensure that you have the best vacation ever.
  6. You need not visit the travel agent’s office to book a flight tickets, you can simply look for flight tickets on the travel agents website and call the travel agent and he will look and book the best flight ticket for you, also he may be able to offer you best discounted offers, or a free meal or extra luggage for you.

When to seek a Travel Agent?
We all can cook but we hire a cook when we need an expert, here are certain examples when you must book your flight ticket through a travel agent without any deviation:

  1. While planning a group travel
  2. While booking multi-city flights
  3. When you are a frequent flyer
  4. When you have a business to deal with
  5. When you are in a hurry to book a flight ticket
  6. When booking a good flight ticket is just not your thing

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