Advance Booking Vs. Last Minute Flight Bookings – Which one to Consider and when?

When anyone travels, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is to book the cheapest flight ticket and to ensure that your travel plan starts at an economic note. We all are sane enough to visit a travel website and ensure that we compare our travel deal before we finally pick one, however, we need to know as to when and whether to consider an advance booking or the last-minute flight bookings.  In this article, we are going to see the comparison of Advance Booking vs. Last Minute Flight Bookings

So to start with Advance Booking is really great idea compared to last minute booking for the following reasons:

  1. Pricing of an Airline seat is done in blocks:

If you are a passenger travelling through an airline you must know the fact that all the airlines do not release all their seats for a low fare or price and hold back a couple of seats for the dates which are near to the date of travel. So if you have planned you air travel well in advance the good news is that your air ticket will be a cheaper price whereas if you have not planned your travel well in advance you may have to pay a higher price for not booking earlier.

  1. Lesser the No. of Seats left in the flight Higher is the price:

There are only a few seats left towards the date of travel making the price of the tickets higher due to higher demand for the tickets, no wonder the tickets get expensive as we keep on moving towards the date of travel as there are barely seats left to accommodate more passengers.

  1. The higher the Demand, the higher is the Ticket Price:

There are passengers who would have to travel in an emergency owing to any business meeting, or even an emergency situation within the family. In such cases the passenger would travel even if the flight ticket highly priced, thus benefitting the airline.

Moral of the story is that Advance Bookings serve much beneficial when we look into the economic aspect of your travel as compared to the last minute travel plans. Now the question arises, when can we expect to enjoy and experience a Cheaper Last Minute Flight?

The last minute flights are cheaper mostly during the off-season. The airlines are well aware of the fact that there will not be many passengers travelling in their flight during that time of the season or hour of the day and therefore the airlines reduce the flight tickets to economically affordable price and thus ensure maximum bookings and maximum passengers travelling through their flight.

It is clear from the facts mentioned above that booking a flight ticket well in advance can save you a good amount of money therefore, you must always book in advance. However, when an emergency strikes you can expect a low-cost flight during an off-season instead of a peak season. Hoping this article is useful and has made you fully aware of the basic differences between the Advance Booking Vs. Last Minute Flight Bookings.