Hyderabad Airport Tax Collection

HYD Airport authorities have implemented an additional departure tax of INR 1947 “Used Development Fee” + INR 80 for tickets issued prior to 5th Nov 2015 . Please find the breakup of the same below:

User Development Fee (IN Tax) – INR 1947
Passenger Service Fee (PSF) – Existing INR 147 + additional INR 80 = Total PSF INR 227

The total additional tax to be collected is INR 1947 (UDF) + INR 80 (additional PSF) = INR 2027

For tickets issued prior to 5th Nov 2015, where the travel out of HYD is effective 6th Feb 2016 onwards, the additional taxes will be charged for all tickets were issued and is mandatory for all airlines. “This is a government tax action not under the control of Emirates”

Please advise your passengers the extra taxes will be collected at HYD airport at the check in.

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