book flight tickets

Should I book flight tickets through a Travel Agent?

When it comes to booking you airline ticket there are so many offers available online that we tend to get tempted and the question arises in our mind whether to book our flight tickets on our own or should I book flight tickets through a travel agent. We have very strong and valid reasons as […]

Multi-City Flight Tickets

3 Steps to book Multi-City Flight Tickets

When we talk about Multi-City Flight tickets, the first thought that strikes our mind is lingering at the airport without having much to do –however, looking at the same situation positively and from a traveller’s point of view, booking a Multi-flight ticket means visiting more than one city or country while on a tour or vacation, and that sounds like an absolute fun. So to start with, let us […]

Advance Booking

Advance Booking Vs Last Minute Flight Bookings

Advance Booking Vs. Last Minute Flight Bookings – Which one to Consider and when? When anyone travels, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is to book the cheapest flight ticket and to ensure that your travel plan starts at an economic note. We all are sane enough to visit a travel website […]